Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Death Promise (Robert Warmflash, 1977)

Death Promise (Robert Warmflash, 1977)
Rating: best movie ever made!

For Labor day I went to The Silent Theater for what was easily the greatest movie going experience of all time. For $6 we got free beer, grilled hamburgers and sausage and essentially watched 4 hours worth of hilariously bad cinema. We played the 5 minute game which consisted of us watching the first 5 minutes of 15 obscure b-movies not availabe on DVD that were accumulating dust on the shelves at cinephile video, then the audience would vote on which one we wanted to watch in entirety. The films ranged from blaxploitation, psychedelic sci-fi films involving the planet Spermula, a disco dancing female vampire, a movie where the crew consisted entirely of member of the Koz family and looked like it had been shot on a consumer grade video camera, a schizophrenic Hollywood camera operator played by Mickey Rooney, and other ridiculous/glorious crap, but the winner took the cake.

Death Promise has it all, a nonsensical plot, hilarious music and sound fx, crazy brilliant kung fu fighting and death scenes, ridiculous twists, and a whole lot of oddly homoerotic hugging. Unlike other awful movies and exploitation films, Death Promise never ceases to bore and the laughs just keep coming. Seriously this is a must see. Watch the video for just a small taste:

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