Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Valgaften (Anders Thomas Jensen, 1998) aka Election Night

Election Night (Anders Thomas Jensen, 1998)

Rating: 5.3

1999 Academy Award winning live action short that addresses racism in a rather overt fashion. During a discussion with his racist friends at the bar, our humanitarian protagonist realizes he forgot to vote, and subsequently rushes to the polls in a cab. the cab driver conveniently starts spouting racist remarks until Peter decides to change cabs. Predictably the driver of the second cab begins praising and mourning the the fallen Aryan nations; Peter changes cabs again. This time an Arab driver starts curing the Japanese after seeing a Japanese restaurant has replaced an Arab cuisine. When Peter finally arrives at the polls, a black woman refuses to let him vote even though he has one minute remaining until they should close. In a desperate attempt to convince her, he claims his vote will benefit "her people" revealing his unintentional, yet subconsciously instilled heir of superiority. I laud the effort to use comedy as a means of addressing such a topic, but the structure is just so contrived and telegraphed.

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