Sunday, October 14, 2007

Guy Maddin Shorts:

Sissy Boy Slap Party (1995)
Rating: 8.3

This four minute short is exactly what it sounds like. A barrage of shots of men taking turns slapping each other and whimpering in a homo-erotic fashion while intercutting between another man slapping a drum.

Odilon Redon or The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Toward Infinity (1995)
Rating: 9.2

Although I have no idea what this film actually means, I admire the stylistic imagery and incredible attention to sound design despite only one line of dialogue being used. There is a great scene in which Maddin recreates the Odilon Redon sketch of the same title pictured below:

Odilon Redon. To Edgar Poe: The Eye Balloon (The Eye, Like a Strange Balloon, Mounts Towards Infinity). 1878.

The Dead Father (1986)
Rating: 7.1

Maddin's first film takes on the look of a flawed 1950s b-film and explores a son's struggle to cope with the death of his father who keeps returning from the dead in a partially living state.

Hospital Fragment (1999)
Rating: 8.1

A brief experimental montage of images that serve as a compliment to his earlier film Tales From the Gimli Hospital.

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