Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bin-jip (Ki-duk Kim, 2004) aka 3-Iron

3-Iron (Ki-duk Kim, 2004)
Rating: 6.7

I liked the premise, but didn't like the direction Kim took it. 3-Iron hits on some interesting themes and does do a lot of things well, but I was annoyed by a lot of little things and overall I found the film to be a little too frivolous for my taste. I never quite understood a lot of the character's actions and motivations, but I didn't really care either. I did however enjoy how the 2 major characters never talked throughout. I realize that the interpretation is most likely meant to be open ended, but I think I was initially taking the film too literally. I think the film works better for me if I think of the young man as an entirely fabricated entity that the woman created as a coping mechanism for her abusive marriage or perhaps a ghost, but with this in mind, the story should have began the focus with her, rather than providing exposition from his perspective. I suppose the other interpretation would be that he was killed in prison by the guard and became a spirit living in the woman's home. As I said I really liked the general premise and even the idea of the characters as thematic embodiments, but I still think Kim is hit and miss with this. The film is "poetic" at times but often gets sidetracked, resorting to facile moments such as the repetition of scenes where character's are pelted with golf balls. Perhaps it's just a tonal issue for me, I really don't know. I think I'm mostly disappointed because I thought the film had so much more potential.

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