Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gandhi (Richard Attenborough, 1982)

Gandhi (Richard Attenborough, 1982)
Rating: 8.7

Ben Kingsley delivers one of the greatest performances to ever be committed to celluloid in his portrayal of one of the most beloved and unique men to ever grace the earth.

"The object of this massive tribute died as he had always lived - a private man without wealth, without property, without official title or office. Mahatma Gandhi was not a commander of great armies nor ruler of vast lands. He could boast no scientific achievements or artistic gift. Yet men, governments and dignitaries from all over the world have joined hands today to pay homage to this little brown man in the loincloth who led his country to freedom. Pope Pius, the Archbishop of Canterbury, President Truman, Chiang Kai-shek, The Foreign Minister of Russia, the President of France... are among the millions here and abroad who have lamented his passing. In the words of General George C. Marshall, the American Secretary of State, "Mahatma Gandhi had become the spokesman for the conscience of mankind, a man who made humility and simple truth more powerful than empires." And Albert Einstein added, "Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth."

"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. "

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Gandhi was so full of wisdom. If you'd like to read some commentary on Gandhi's Seven Deadly Social Sins, check out Gitananda: Gandhi's Seven Social Sins