Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gwoemul (Joon-ho Bong, 2006) aka The Host

The Host(Joon-ho Bong, 2006)
Rating: 7.9

The Host is an excellent contemporary take on the monster flick containing a perfect blend of suspense, comedy, and a little satire. It touches on issues such as class status, familial bonds and how crisis reinforces or deconstructs each, government intervention and conspiracy (Agent Yellow, an anti biological chemical, which mocks U.S.’s Agent-Orange), the dehumanization of medical patience, and threats of a new virus or invasion (terrorism, SARS, bird flu, 9-11). Although the film contains several predictable and unexplained scenes, I felt it still threw an occasional curve ball and remained entertaining throughout. The filmmakers should be commended for the realistic look of the monster, as it was revealed within the first 15 minutes and we were not denied from seeing it frequently. I also really thought the final confrontation with the beast was fun to watch. It played out like a ballet as the music coincided with the monster dancing about in slow motion avoiding molotav cocktails; fittingly each of the siblings contributes to the demise of the creature.

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